Ecosystem Services Infographic transcription

A flow chart that identifies 9 tasks relating to Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital Opportunity Assessment.

Task 1: Inception

Initial stakeholder workshops and development of contacts

Task 2: Baseline Data

Collate baseline mapping data on existing natural assets

Task 3: ESS Existing Provision

Assess existing ESS provision access the study area

Task 4: ESS Provision Gaps

Assessment and identification of gaps in the provision of ESS

Task 5: HMWB Areas of Need

Identification mapping and analysis of HMWB

Task 6: HMWB ESS Opportunity

Identify opportunities to provide additional ESS in HMWB

Task 7: GIS Tool/ Web Mapping

Development of GIS Tool/ Web Mapping for Stakeholders

Task 8: Project Findings

Stakeholder workshop

Task 9: Training and Legacy

Development and completion of training sessions and material for capacity building


Ecosystem Services Infographic

Image Courtesy of TEP/Vivid Economics