Over the duration of Natural Course, we will deliver 50 Actions, 81 Sub-actions and 182 Deliverables.

These include:

Project namePhase 1 / 2Phase 3Phase 4
A.1Develop integrated water management framework
A.2Review third party knowledge assessment in RBMP
A.3Review of suitability of predictive and certainty tools required for facilitating multiple benefit investment
A.4Review current water governance model
A.5Delivery of a Natural Capital approach
A.6Collaborative Team working
A.7Collaborative working to secure complementary funding and actions
A.8Catchment Benchmarking
C.1River restoration and redressing physical modification
C.2Manage pollution from waste water
C.3Manage pollution from towns, cities and transport
C.4Changes to natural flow and water level
C.5Managing pollution from rural areas
C.6Mobilising funds for multiple benefits and ecosystem services
C.7Supply chain water management and stewardship
C.8Catchment Director posts
C.9Use of tools and data
C.10Catchment operation
C.11Innovative funding for Wyre NFM interventions
C.12Challenging Links and Integrating Multiple Benefits (CLIMB)
C.13Rush Control Trials for farming, biodiversity and run-off reduction
C.14Greater Manchester River Ecology Project
C.15Tackling pressures on urban water courses
C.16Wider engagement across Greater Manchester on how to use a natural capital approach
C.17Use a natural capital approach to generate investment in GM – identify projects that are attractive to investors
C.18Integrated Wetland Network
C.19Understanding and taking action on plastics pollution
C.20Support for Catchment Partnerships
C.21Enabling citizen science
C.22Improving urban planning’s contribution to River Basin Management Plan delivery
C.23Water Governance
C.24River Irt High Ecological Status
C.25Using Local Nature Recovery Network Strategies to deliver WFD objectives
C.26Urban diffuse pollution