New Partnerships Achieve More video transcript

The video opens to a view of a river, green space and trees with the sound of birds over the backing track; a couple of birds fly into view. Overlayed on the video is the following text in white capital letters, “Improving the health of streams rivers and lakes is a big challenge.”

The video then pans to a close-up view of a river with the overlaid text, “Big challenges need big solutions.” Another river view is next with the sound of running water in the background with the following text, “Life integrated projects, provide these solutions.” Then a further close up of water with the text, “In North-West England,” next some rubbish in and around a river is shown with the following statistic “78% of water bodies are not healthy.” We then see various scenes of people in green spaces working together to improve the space are shown with the following text, “Natural Course, is a Life integrated project, pioneering a new way of partnership working.”

Next we have an interview with Helen Dix from the Environment Agency, Helen is being interviewed outside in a green space, Helen notes, “One of the real benefits of working with the catchment partnerships is that they can really engage volunteers.” Helen then speaks to a volunteer who says, “It feels good to be kind of contributing to something that’s making a difference.” We then see volunteers doing various environmental activities. The text overlayed is, “This involves community-led actions, across the region.” Helen speaks over further volunteering activities such as tree planting and states, “The kind of activities are going on all over the Ribble catchment and all over the North West.”

The final scene pans to a field with sheep and the following green text overlaid, “New partnerships achieve more”, then in white text, “coming soon” and finally the Life logo.