Use a natural capital approach to generate investment in GM – identify projects that are attractive to investors


The development of innovative finance models to support natural capital investment is a key aim of Natural Course and the Greater Manchester Urban Pioneer programme. Establishing and implementing a Natural Capital Investment Plan to mobilise existing and new sources of funding was also one of the key outcomes from the Greater Manchester Green Summit.

What we are doing

Drivers to encourage and manage private sector involvement need to be put in place or strengthened in the immediate term of up to a year. In the short term, business plans could be developed for investments, including through the development of an investment readiness fund.

Key activities include: Supporting delivery of short term actions set out in the Natural Capital Investment Plan, including the setting up of a Greater Manchester Environment Fund.

Who else is involved?

The Natural Capital Group, local authorities, partnerships that cover Greater Manchester including the UIA IGNITION project and potential private and external investors.

Project location

Greater Manchester

Latest Update

Publication of Natural Capital Investment Plan.

Delivery of Natural Capital Investment Plan actions.

Procured Environmental Finance to support development of the Greater Manchester Environment Fund.

Appointed Lancashire Wildlife Trust to manage delivery of the Greater Manchester Environment Fund.