Understanding and taking action on plastics pollution: Identifying macro plastic pathways into rivers and seas


The presence of plastic in rivers and coastal waters causes negative impacts on them and the wider environment.  Research is ongoing internationally and nationally about the effects and solutions to the problem.  However, targeted campaigns and communication about the impacts of plastics to the environment and health of the rivers and seas across the North West has not taken place in a targeted or strategic way.  There is currently limited information about potential solutions to reducing plastic in the environment and understanding the impacts and opportunities for change.

What are we doing?

This project aims to identify where plastics sources and pathways have developed across the North West.  With this information, stronger partnership links will be built to educate and campaign to reduce reliance on plastics and proactively clean up the rivers and sea around the area.  The project also aims to build on and apply the research that is taking place internationally and nationally and make it relevant to the North West.

Who else is involved?

The Environment Agency and Keep Britain Tidy

Project location

Darwen Catchment in Lancashire

Latest update

Initial surveys have been completed.

Keep Britain Tidy are working on content for a web based North West forum