Review current water governance model: Regional water governance study


Governance arrangements across river basin districts are complex, opaque and inconsistent.  There is often a lack of clarity on who is responsible for different aspects of water management, which can result in separate and independent approaches to tackling problems.  With the current approach, it is difficult to develop and fund interventions to improve the performance of the river basin district.

What we are doing

The project will identify the different approaches to water governance being employed across the North West River Basin District. Cumbria (which represents one of the most complex areas in terms of environment, overlapping boundaries, interests and issues) will be the focus for a more comprehensive review of governance, and recommendations for a governance model that could be trialled within a catchment will be given.

Who else is involved?

The project is managed and led by the Environment Agency, with the consultants Eunomia undertaking the research, analysis, and providing the recommendations.  A wide range of stakeholders are participating in the research element of this work.

Project location

Across the whole of the North West River Basin District

Latest update:

High level regional water governance study completed, and report on the model for water management in the North West (high level study of arrangements in North West River Basin District) published.

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