Irk Vision – Bringing the River Irk to Life (BRIL)


The waterbodies of the Irk catchment are failing to reach good ecological potential for reasons including physical modifications, diffuse pollution and point source pollution. To get the Irk to ‘good’, a wide range of organisations and stakeholders need to work together to achieve shared aims. The river corridor has the potential to provide an important green space for local people to enjoy as well as a providing a range of ecosystem services that will benefit many stakeholders. A restoration plan was drawn up to improve the river corridor and whilst some action has taken place, the aspiration of that plan has never been completely realised. In order to achieve the aims of the restoration plan and realise wider social, economic and environmental benefits stakeholders need to work together to understand the current state of affairs, recognise the potential benefits to them that could be achieved through investment in the river corridor and be committed to helping the deliver an wide-reaching action plan for the Irk.

What we are doing

This project aims to bring together stakeholders from the public, private and community sectors to develop a shared vision, integrated action plan and a funding strategy to enable the restoration of the River Irk Catchment.

Who else is involved?

Environment Agency, Rochdale, Oldham & Manchester Local Authorities, Groundwork MSSTT, Groundwork BBOR, Mersey Rivers Trust, United Utilities, Local Community Groups

Project location

River Irk Catchment, Greater Manchester

Latest update

The action planning process is underway, with the first consultation exercise completed.

A project board has been formed and the vision document created.