Challenging links and integrating multiple benefits – CLIMB 


Environment Agency projects, whether large scale flood protection schemes or smaller environmental projects, capital or revenue, are delivered by teams with a specific remit relevant to the project. Although other teams may be involved at various other stages, the project is usually designed by a single team to meet a specific outcome. This means that the opportunity to incorporate and deliver additional benefits for, or with, other related projects are often minimised or, in the worst case scenario, missed altogether.

What we are doing

CLIMB is using new ways of working to demonstrate the benefits of integrated planning and delivery of projects, to facilitate a culture change that will help to embed integration and collaboration into EA projects

Who else is involved?

Environment Agency teams in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area. As the project progresses it will look to include external organisations as well.

Project location

Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire

Latest update

Phase 1 of CLIMB Way of Working complete.   Project Board set up and first annual report submitted.

Potential projects for delivery have been identified.