Catchment Benchmarking


There are considerable differences between the river catchments in the North West River Basin District. These differences include catchment geology, agricultural practices, urbanisation, population size, local government policies and much more. The differences affect catchment partnerships in different ways, and may affect their ability to deliver Water Framework Directive outcomes. Some partnerships have been able to overcome these barriers more successfully than others.

What we are doing

The project aims to work with partnerships and identify barriers, good practice and opportunities to help deliver more Water Framework Directive outcomes.  It will help us to understand the challenges faced by Catchment Partnerships in the North West River Basin District; identify good practice; build capability and confidence in delivering Water Framework Directive outcomes; utilise a range of funding sources; and collaborate with others to deliver multiple benefits.

Building on CaBA evaluations already completed and using an appropriately appointed consultant, the project will evaluate factors influencing the capacity of Catchment Partnerships since the commencement of Natural Course, along with the external factors that affect and influence the partnerships and the delivery of their objectives. The consultant will identify common development opportunities across the North West Catchment Partnerships, and will identify whether opportunities exist to increase capacity in the partnerships, and if needed, recommend how to achieve these.

Who else is involved?

The project is being managed and led by the Environment Agency, with the consultants from Eunomia undertaking the research, analysis, and providing the recommendations.

The various Catchment Partnerships within the North West River Basin District will all be consulted as part of this project

Project location

North West River Basin District

Latest update

The first report on Catchment Benchmarking has been published:

Project update – Catchment Benchmarking – Natural Course