Hillylaid Wetland Development – Wyre Rivers Trust video transcript

The video opens up with an aerial shot over green wetland.

The Rivers Trust logo appears above the descriptive text: “Hillylaid Wetland, Thornton, UK, Lancashire”.

This is followed by another aerial shot of the wetland in the surrounding area, including a road and housing estate and powers station. The accompanying text says “This land is on the edge of an urban area, well known for having misconnected pipes from housing, which allow bacteria, phosphates and other chemicals to enter the river Wyre”.

A shot of a car with the Wyre Rivers Trust logo and website address is followed by a shot of a pylon from the ground surrounded by trees. The accompanying text says “Wyre Rivers Trust, supported by the EU Life Natural Course and partners, are hoping to give this site a new lease of life.

There is a shot of the wetland water with volunteers in yellow high vis jackets and wellies are walking next to it, followed by wide shot of the wetland water surrounded by muddy banks and grass – framed by an overcast, cloudy sky.

We then see an orange digger digging up earth on the wetland with a volunteer looking on. The next shots show the the rich green vegetation of the wetland with trees in the background on a bright, sunny day followed by a close up of reeds gently swaying in the breeze. This is followed by a shot of birds in formation flying tin the blue sky as well as more close-up shots of reeds, flowers and insects.

The accompanying text says “The wetlands will provide a number of ecosystem services, purifying the water as it runs through the wetland, as well as storing water during periods of heavy rainfall, providing vital flood relief in the Thornton area”.

The next shot shows a close up of the legs and feet of volunteers walking through wild grass on the wetlands, followed by aerial shots of the of the wetland vegetation next to an industrial business and wetland water surrounded by muddy banks. The accompanying text says “Wyre Rivers Trust will be asking the community to plant up the area in Spring 2021.

Teams on volunteers in yellow high vis jackets and white hard hats are stood discussing and point at areas on the wetland, whilst the orange digger continues to dig up earth and place it in a pile. This is followed by a wider shot of the green wetland with an expanse of water in the distance, followed by another of the river Wyre surrounded by grass, vegetation, bushes and trees on both sides.

The accompanying text says “This is a part of the larger Thornton Flood Risk Resilience Initiative which will use natural flood management techniques like this one to reduce the flood risk in Thornton.

The closing shots are of the Wyre estuary with a small boat in the sea and a handful of white buildings on the far side followed by a close up of waves lapping at the shore, then a wide shot of a green and white boat sailing by,

The video finishes with a close up of running water on the river overlaid with the text “To find out more visit www.wyreriverstrust.org. The last frame shows the logos of the following partners:

  • The Rivers Trust
  • Wyre Council
  • Wyre Rivers Trust
  • Life
  • Natural Course
  • Environment Agency
  • The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund
  • United Utilities