Mobilising water industry investment


Environmental issues that affect the North West River Basin District are complex and interlinked, however these issues are traditionally addressed on an individual basis.  Planning processes often have a narrow focus, that look to address a small part of the problem (rather than thinking about the problem as a whole) often means investment does not deliver as much as it could.

Previous work from Natural Course on mobilising water industry investment took a holistic view of investment and demonstrated that collaboration and co-development deliver the greatest benefits.  This work enabled:

  • United Utilities (UU) to support its integrated catchment team to develop catchment investment and liaise with partners to deliver catchment interventions.
  • A staff member from the Rivers Trust to be assigned to the UU team (bringing direct benefits and a greater understanding between organisations).
  • An increased capacity to understand catchment-based approaches and nature-based solutions

Planning processes, such as the Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) and Price Review 24 (PR24) represent key opportunities to bring together and apply learnings.

What we are doing:

Natural Course will support dedicated roles within UU Natural Capital Strategy and Planning team (who are responsible for developing a comprehensive WINEP plan, catchment investment, and supporting the business PR24 development).

Collaboratively plan and develop projects for WINEP involving catchment approaches, partnership working, wider scale nature-based solutions, and investment focused at delivering the greatest environmental gain

Staff from the Rivers Trust, Environment Agency and Natural England will be appointed into UU Natural Capital and Strategy team to give strategic input and knowledge into PR24 planning, leading to affordable, holistic water industry investment in environmental outcomes.

Who else is involved?

United Utilities, Environment Agency, Natural England, Rivers Trust

Project location:

North West River Basin District

Latest update:

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