Catchment operation: Fylde Hub


Catchment management generally result in activity associated with water quality.  Water quantity (flood and flood risk) is managed by several organisations, and from a long-term strategic perspective via the water industry Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMP).

There has been some progress in developing long-term strategic plans and bringing together shorter-term place-based delivery plans that address water quantity and quality, however opportunities for co-financing interventions remains largely unresolved.

Previous work from Natural Course involved the creation of the Cheshire Hub – a centralised group with representatives from different organisations who started to address barriers presented in catchment management.  The collaboration resulted in Catchment Action Plans for Cheshire, and it established the foundations of how organisations can work together deliver catchment improvements for water quality.

What we are doing:

We will establish the Fylde Hub and use operational resources from key organisations to develop a cohesive understanding of the Fylde catchment.

The hub will share data (catchment data, flood risk data and water quality data – including bathing waters) to identify key issues regarding water quality and quantity.  A comprehensive, place-based catchment delivery plan will be created with appropriate courses of action agreed collaboratively.  Innovative financing mechanisms and funding approaches will be developed to deliver interventions.

The hub will also support the Environmental Destination requirements of United Utilities and the regional water resources planning group (Water Resources West) who are looking at the sustainability of abstraction in the Fylde area and investigating the use of nature-based solutions to mitigate the impact of abstraction while delivering multiple benefits.

Who else is involved?

United Utilities, Environment Agency, Natural England, the Rivers Trust, Local Authority groups and councils, Wyre Rivers Trust, and Ribble Rivers Trust.

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