New Misconnections campaign goes live!

New online campaign to improve awareness of misconnected pipes in homes launched

Natural Course with United Utilities and Connect Right UK have unveiled the latest campaign to help reduce water pollution across the North West.

A series of short videos have been created to highlight to householders that used or dirty water from toilets, bathroom, kitchen and household appliances should always be connected to the sewer pipe under the house.

Sion Platts-Kilburn, Strategy Development Manager (Natural Course, United Utilities) says…

“Many misconnections are made inadvertently when people build extensions or carry out home improvements, for example moving a washing machine from the kitchen into the garage.  If the pipes are misconnected, dirty water can potentially flow to rivers where it can cause environmental problems as the waste pollutes rivers and seas and causes harm to wildlife.  All internal waste from appliances and bathrooms should be connected to sewer pipes which take used or wastewater to be cleaned and treated at our treatment works.”   

 “Through our Natural Course and Connect Right partnerships, we are hoping that this campaign will raise awareness to reduce the number of misconnections and ultimately help to improve the quality of water in our rivers and seas”.

The campaigns follows previous work undertaken by United Utilities, through Natural Course, who investigated outfalls across the North West River Basin District that were suspected of having misconnections associated with them.  The outfall locations have been signed off by the Environment Agency, and work has been undertaken by United Utilities to identify and work to resolve suspected misconnections.


Find out more about misconnections: United Utilities – Making the right connection