Introducing: The LIFE Integrated Project Collaborative Forum

Natural Course launches informal online Collaborative Forum for LIFE Integrated Projects and water-related projects

The forum creates a new space to for projects to network, collaborate and share

Natural Course is proud to announce the launch of the LIFE Integrated Project (IP) Collaborative Forum for water-related projects.

The Collaborative Forum will enable projects from across Europe to come together informally to share information and learn from each other.

This innovative new space aims to aid and increase the networking opportunities that all LIFE projects want to be part of by enabling informal discussions between like-minded people and projects.

Utilising the digital platform of Microsoft Teams, the forum will facilitate additional networking possibilities outside of the traditional visits, meetings, and information exchanges.

The forum is divided into three sections to encourage focused discussion, learnings and sharing:

  • Projects – the area to discover other projects and share progress and results.
  • Technical – the place for detailed, technical discussions on River Basin Management Plans and Water Framework Directive
  • Management and admin– the setting for dialogue around all aspects of running LIFE IP’s, such as Requests for Amendments, interim reporting and risk management.

Daniel Gowar, Natural Course Project Manager, says…

“Natural Course has long felt that it would be helpful for LIFE IP’s to have a space where we can come together to discuss each other’s progress and results. We hope it provides some benefit to those involved and we look forward to seeing where it goes”.

If you are a water-related LIFE IP and interested in joining the Collaborative Forum, please email for more information

For more information about LIFE Integrated Projects (external website, opens in a new tab) : LIFE Integrated Projects (