Natural Course Presents: Natural Flood Management

We are pleased to announce the first in a series of ‘Natural Course Presents’ webinars.

Natural Flood Management:

Does nature have the answers?

How do we attract private investment to help fund nature recovery?

Taking place Wednesday 7th July, 12.30 – 13.30 (BST) you are invited to join Dan Turner (The Rivers Trust) to find out how his work, in collaboration with Natural Course, is utilising evidence and influencing wider thinking around Natural Flood Management.

Summary of presentation:

Natural Flood Management, does nature have the answers?

Can natural flood management help us become more resilient to flooding? The Rivers Trust movement in collaboration with Natural Course partners have been pioneering new approaches. NFM is an important approach to tackling flooding, helping to make communities more resilient to flood risk. Over the last 5 years NFM has become a mainstreamed approach. In that time what have we learnt and what is possible in the future?

How do we attract private investment to help fund nature recovery

The Rivers Trust and Wyre Rivers Trust are leading a new pioneering project to investigate innovative funding opportunities for implementing Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures, to help reduce the risk of flooding from the river Wyre and its tributaries in Churchtown.
The project will explore the potential for securing green finance from investors which can be paid back over several years by a range of organisations, which will benefit from the reduced flood risk and other benefits from the project.

This project is being delivered by The Rivers Trust, Wyre Rivers Trust, Environment Agency (EA), United Utilities, Triodos Bank, Co-op Insurance and FloodRE with funding from Esme Fairburn Foundation.


Dan is a Project Manager at the Rivers Trust. He leads on the Wyre NFM Investment Readiness project which is the first of its kind, innovative project attracting green and social investment to help fund a catchment scale NFM project. He is also a co-author for the Ciria NFM manual.

Dan previously worked for one of the local rivers trust in Yorkshire, where he led on many several NFM projects delivering physical interventions on the ground. Brought up on a large commercial farm and previous experience in other roles, Dan has extensive experience of the agricultural sector. He has a particular interest in Natural Flood Management, recently completing a part time PGcert in Flood Risk and Coastal Management at Lancaster University.