Project update: Delivering multiple benefits and ecosystem services at the Smithills Estate, Bolton.

Community Forest Trust, Woodland Trust, Environment Agency and Liverpool University have delivered a number of nature-based solutions at the Smithills Estate on the outskirts of Bolton in Greater Manchester.

The project focuses on the creation of 25 structural features that provide flood risk protection for communities downstream of Smithills alongside a range of other ecosystem services.

This video, created by the partners involved, gives a fantastic overview of the project and really brings to life the scale of the work involved.

Mark Turner, Natural Course Greater Manchester Combined Authority Team Leader says…

“The innovative nature-based solutions delivered through this project provide a range of benefits including reduced flood risk, improvements in water quality, a more natural stream channel and benefits to biodiversity”.

For more information on our work delivering multiple benefits and ecosystem services:  Mobilising funds for multiple benefits and ecosystem services: Use of urban catchment forestry to deliver multiple ecosystem services in urban areas – Natural Course