Project Update: Bringing the River Irk to Life (BRIL)

New online tool launched to record issues and opportunities for improvement for the Irk Catchment

Data will be considered as part of the Irk Action Plan

BRIL is an ambitious Natural Course project that aims to transform the Irk into a vibrant river corridor, bringing nature and people together in harmony, and we need your help to make it happen. We are developing an Action Plan for the Irk and its tributaries and we want you to help us achieve this by providing local knowledge, identifying opportunities for improvements and prioritising action.

We have created an online tool where you can record the issues you see in the river and along its corridor, and any opportunities/solutions for improvements. The tool contains maps showing the current ecological status of the rivers in the Irk catchment, as well as opportunities/solutions we have identified so far to help improve the river for people and wildlife.

We would like you to share your knowledge of the Irk with the BRIL team so we can make sure we have a full understanding of the Irk catchment. We are also really keen to find out more about any proposed or ongoing schemes in the Irk  Corridor that may help achieve the project’s aims. These opportunities will be considered as part of the Irk Action Plan.

Please note you do not need any specific software to run the tool but it is better run through Google Chrome.

The deadline for you to enter your views, is 20th  January 2021. We encourage you to share the link with anyone that you think will be interested in the project and/or have data to add to it.

If you have any queries about the project or on-line tool please contact:

We look forward to seeing your data entries which will help Bring the River Irk to Life.