Emma Howard Boyd finds out about CLIMB

During her recent visit to the North West seeing partnership working in action, the Environment Agency’s Chair, Emma Howard Boyd was given the opportunity to find out more about the new CLIMB initiative.

The recently launched CLIMB (Challenging Links Integrating Multiple Benefits) was showcased as the exciting new approach to partnership working and project integration within the Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire region.

External partners from the Weaver Gowy Partnership Host, United Utilities, Mersey Forest, Cheshire Wildlife Trust and Groundwork CLM joined Emma, and were given a presentation on the concepts behind CLIMB and its vision for the future.

Jackie Bowley and Pete Hewitt, founders of CLIMB said:

“We are thrilled that CLIMB is being so well received, not just across the Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire region, but also across Cumbria and Lancashire too. CLIMB is a vision we both had whilst doing our day jobs at the Environment Agency. We both come from different parts of the business and saw an integration gap between the Flood and Coastal Risk Management Directorate and the Environment and Business Directorate. With the assistance of funding from Natural Course, we have being able to make CLIMB and integrated working a reality”

For more information on CLIMB, please contact climb@environment-agency.gov.uk

Photo credit: Environment Agency