16,000 trees planted thanks to volunteers at Ribble Rivers Trust

Between November 2017 and March 2018 over 16,000 trees were planted across the Ribble Catchment to help improve water quality, as part of the European Life Integrated Project, Natural Course.

This has been thanks to the time and effort of volunteers at Ribble Rivers Trust who have in total put in over 1300 hours of volunteer time!

The trees planted will help reduce bank erosion and diffuse pollution from surrounding farmland, slow the flow of water entering the watercourse to reduce the risk of flooding downstream, and mitigate climate change by shading the water, keeping it cooler, and locking up carbon in the growing native woodland.

Most people associate trees with clean air and wildlife habitats but trees are also vital for improving water quality in our rivers and streams. Trees not only provide vital nutrients and shade for invertebrates and spawning fish but they have been known to almost completely prevent pesticides and phosphates from reaching watercourses.

To find out how you can volunteer with the Ribble Rivers Trust, visit ribbletrust.org.uk/volunteering.