Get involved in a Great British Spring Clean event

The Rivers Trust has joined Keep Britain Tidy in assembling an army of #litterheroes for a UK wide mass clean-up. 80% of plastic in the oceans comes from land, and rivers are a significant pathway for it to get there.

Natural Course is playing its part in the campaign by supporting Rivers Trust and LOVEmyBEACH cleanups across the North West.

Take part in a GBSpringClean event between 2nd to 25th March 2018 and help clean up not only our villages, towns and cities but also our rivers and beaches.

Alistair Maltby, Operations Director for The Rivers Trust, said: “Research suggests that 80% of marine plastic comes from the land, and that rivers are an important pathway. Litter isn’t just a visual problem, it affects wildlife directly on land, in our rivers, and at sea.

“Our aim is to get all our local Rivers Trusts holding volunteer days during the Great British Spring Clean weekend to clean-up our rivers and raise awareness in our local communities on the impact of litter in our rivers and the consequences that it has on the wider water environment.”

The Great British Spring Clean is hoping to build on last year’s success of more than 300,000 people take to the streets, parks and beaches to clean them up.

To find a River clean up near you visit The Rivers Trust events section, the LOVEmyBEACH website or go to The Keep Britain Tidy website to find out more about the #GBSpringClean