Water Innovation: Bridging gaps, creating opportunities

On the 26th – 29th September we sent a Natural Course representative, Amina Aboobakar from United Utilities, to the EIP Water Innovation Conference to participate in the LIFE side-event.

The EIP Water Innovation Conference “Water Innovation: Bridging Gaps, Creating Opportunities” was organised by the European Innovation Partnership and included a mixture of presentations, expert panels, debates and competitions, and was attended by a wide variety of delegates such as: political leaders, regulators, decision makers and technicians from utilities, industry and agriculture, researchers from universities and R&D centres, solution providers and innovators, start-ups and SMEs and investors.

The event provided an opportunity for knowledge sharing on how to shape the future of water innovation in Europe and connecting market needs to innovation, across the world.

The event also showcased innovative projects in water and wastewater management, resources and treatment (including the LIFE IP funded projects) and there was a particular interest in the need to shape policies around the Urban Water Agenda 2030, with particular discussions around water reuse and nutrient recovery.

As part of the LIFE programme side-event: ‘funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment’, we had the opportunity to display a poster about delivering a truly integrated approach in the Petterill, shown below:


Integrated Catchment Approach poster. Transcript provided via link below.

Poster transcription (opens new page)

For more information about the event visit: https://www.eip-water.eu/eip-water-conference-2017-water-innovation-bridging-gaps-creating-opportunities