Wyre Catchment Shared Vision Workshop

On April 30th, a workshop took place at Wyre Estuary Country Park, to work with local partners in the area to decide on a vision for the future of the Wyre catchment.

wyre-event-photo2-webThe Environment Agency, Wyre Borough Council, Wyre Rivers Trust, Natural England, Forestry Commission and United Utilities attended the workshop to explore how to overcome some of the obstacles in collaboration, where in the catchment they could collaborate and to determine who could make it happen.

The objective of the workshop was to start a discussion with external partners about the role of Natural Course and establish an ambition to develop a shared plan of priorities, delivery and investment for the Wyre catchment.

wyre-event-photo-webThe developed vision will link to bigger issues such as agriculture and food security, to broaden the thinking of the group.

This was the first of many workshops for the catchment group and they committed to future workshops, which would focus on what collaboration will achieve for future phases of Natural Course.

Anna Bond, Natural Course co-ordinator for Environment Agency, said:

“The essence of this workshop was to explore what collaboration meant to the partners in the room. There was a great deal of focus on the people within the catchment and make sure we are doing what is right for them but also how to overcome some of our individual organisational challenges to work more effectively together. Throughout the workshop, there were lots of ideas and enthusiasm bouncing around the room and a real sense of purpose for the future of the catchment.”