South Cumbria’s Catchment Partnership, Becks to Bay has gone live

A number of local organisations led by South Cumbria Rivers Trust have come together to form the Becks to Bay catchment partnership, under the national Catchment-based Approach initiative and North West Natural Course project.

The partnership has been working together to gather information and generate action for the past year, and is now going live to share this with a wider audience. It is open to anyone with an interest and love for the area of South Cumbria, including communities, local businesses, landowners and local organisations. The partnership is encouraging people to visit the website ( to join in and share their views.

The area of South Cumbria is enjoyed by many but isn’t always as healthy as it could be. Our landscape is interconnected: what happens on our land also affects our rivers. Therefore, we are taking a catchment-based approach to looking after our rivers. This spectacular landscape is a mosaic of different habitats, home to some of our rarest and most loved species, including Atlantic Salmon, otters and the native white-clawed crayfish.

However, pressures are everywhere: diffuse (widespread) pollution, water abstraction, invasive non-native species, a lack of habitat and a legacy of channel modifications all combine to influence the state of our rivers. Therefore, we need to take action to support the landscape, nature, economy and cultural identity of our local area.

With your support, Becks to Bay will co-ordinate and collate the actions needed to deliver benefits for all. The partnership has published a range of information and actions about our area to inform future management. Visit the Becks to Bay website to find out more about the area of South Cumbria, how to get involved, share your thoughts and sign up to local events.